Immigration and Schooling

Redefining the 21st Century America • mardi 31 mars 2015 à 08h00min

Edited by :
Touorizou Hervé Somé, Ripon College
Pierre W. Orelus, New Mexico State University
A volume in the series : Critical Constructions : Studies on Education and Society. Editor(s) : Curry Stephenson Malott, West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Brad J. Porfilio, Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. Marc Pruyn, Monash University. Derek R. Ford, Syracuse University.
Published 2015

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Immigration and Schooling

At the time of Obama’s draconian anti-immigrant policies leading to massive deportation of undocumented, poor immigrants of color, there could not be a more timely and important book than this edited volume, which critically examines ways in which immigration, race, class, language, and gender issues intersect and impact the life of many immigrants, including immigrant students. This book documents the journey, many success-stories, as well as stories that expose social inequity in schools and U.S. society.

Further, this book examines issues of social inequity and resource gaps shaping the relations between affluent and poor-working class students, including students of color. Authors in this volume also critically unpack anti-immigrant policies leading to the separation of families and children.

Equally important, contributors to this book unveil ways and degree to which xenophobia and linguicism have affected immigrants, including immigrant students and faculty of color, in both subtle and overt ways, and the manner in which many have resisted these forms of oppression and affirmed their humanity.

Lastly, chapters in this much-needed and well-timed volume have pointed out the way racism has limited life chances of people of color, including students of color, preventing many of them from fulfilling their potential succeeding in schools and society at large.

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Vos commentaires

  • Le 31 mars 2015 à 12:06
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Bravo pour la sortie du livre

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  • Le 31 mars 2015 à 12:59, par Samne
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Merci, felicitation et courage. We are proud of you, grd pere.

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  • Le 31 mars 2015 à 16:59, par PUISSANCE 21
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Seems like a very relevant book. I haven’t read the book yet but will be eager to know how Asians in general (Chinese, Indians) have been able to beat the odds and thrive in the US academic and research environment, while immigrants from African descents still face so many hurdles. Discrimination and racism probably, as many still firmly and wrongly believe that humans with black skin have a less evolved brain. We still have a long way to go.

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  • Le 31 mars 2015 à 17:00, par Le citoyen
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Hi Kooro :

    Hope you will recognize me in this piece of writing. I just want to say congratulations for editing this book. Hope you are quickly recovering from your blood pressure issue. My prayers and those of my family, all go to you bro.


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  • Le 31 mars 2015 à 18:28, par vérité no1
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Congratulations for this book. As a former international student in the earlier 90’s, I witnessed all the nightmare students had been going through. This book will be helpful not only for immigrants, but for the entire community. Thanks again Mr SOME.

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  • Le 1er avril 2015 à 00:29, par Yaamdabo
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Congratulations Professor, for this wonderful book ! Keep up with the good work ! Vous etes une inspiration pour nous vos anciens etudiants !
    May God bless you !

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  • Le 25 juin 2015 à 18:35, par KAM SIE ALEXANDRE
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling


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  • Le 3 août 2016 à 02:00
    En réponse à : Immigration and Schooling

    Big up to you internaut number 3. Black people face racism in the USA.

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