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La déclaration du Gal Nabéré Honoré Traoré, nouveau chef de l’Etat du Burkina Faso

31 octobre 2014, 16:56, par Toure

Well done Sir,

To the Honorable people of Burkina Faso, Opposition party I cannot express my feelings from yesterday and today after seeing pictures of your courage and determination in seeing and end rule of Blaise which have seen the situation in this Noble land deteriorate from bad to worst.

During the course of Yesterday, The Honorable Thomas Sankara a man I hardly known or saw before keep coming to my mind, I have on several occasions had tears running down my cheeks as grown man. Burkina Faso, a land I have never visited and Thomas Sankara are very close to my heard. The people of Burkina Faso, for your love of development in every form, your love and preserving African culture, your pride despite being poor We remain standing by you.

May Allah bestow peace,tranquility and progress in your social,economic and political struggle.

Encouragement a Mon General Nabere Traore and all his team. We will like to advise that, the team be consist of Burkinabes who are proud to be part of the transition, proud to be Burkina and technicians from both Military and Civilian or in all works of life.

My General Troare, today I wish you can bring a light to the events on the 15th of October 1997.

Your Sincerely,

A friend Burkina Faso


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