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Privatisation de l’aéroport de Ouagadougou : Le préavis de grève est suspendu et « non levé »

10 octobre 2019, 21:47, par Leiw

Dear Maria de Ziniare,
I am really sorry to hear your arguments suggesting that all big international airports around the world are private.
1- I would like you to give us an example of a big, strategic and the only aerial entry point to a nation that has been privatized ?
2- The only aerial entry point such as ours should not be viewed as matter of profit. It should be viewed as matter of national security. I would like to remind my dear sister that national security is a form of profit, which is securitng our nation from falling into the hands of foreign private sector that only wants to make profit which they should. Because they are in the business for profit. We the people of Burkina Faso, security is our utmost profit. It is up to the burkina to distinguish profit from security. But not a foreign private company to determine our national security.
3- As far as I know, any great airport around the world is own by some sort of government whether the City or the State government and in return, Sublease the hubs to private airline for fees and taxes. Private company doesn’t own any airport, only if it’s an airdrome which is also oversees by local government. I am sorry, but I don’t know where you got your information my sister. For example, the great Los Angeles International Airport is own by the City of Los Angeles and sublease to different airlines such as air France, Etiopian airline and Delta. Another example, the great Port of Los Angeles is owned by the City or the County of Los Angeles and in turn, they lease the terminals to various containers shipping lines. Let’s be clear my sister, please don’t broadcast inaccurate information.
4- Let’s assume that you were right, (which you are not), why should we privatize the only aerial point of entry into our nation ? Do we have enough security measure to prevent any of the illegal activities that can happen or occur in our country ? Please let’s be serious when we are trying to make quick and fast decision. This is not the way a development of a country can take place. Let’s think deeply about all the scenarios and potential future advantage and disadvantage that can come from our decision making.
5- Airport management is a great and profitable business if you have ideas to make it happens. If it were not a great business, why do you think a foreign investors will come and waste their money into that activities ? Come-on let’s be serious. These investors are not coming to invest in burkina because the burkinabé people are nice and good looking. They are coming because there is a profit to be made. If there weren’t any profit to be made, they would have taken they money somewhere else. Let’s not play ourselves. We have a lot of potential, but my sister Maria is not able to see those potential or she is part of the big picture.
6- Please His Excellency Mr. President stop this privatization efforts and let’s analyze profoundly before we rush into compromising our national security. Find out if Charles- Degaul airport is private. I just gave an example of Los Angeles Airport which is not privately owned.
7- Mr. President, if you still want to privatize our airport, call on all citizens to take some share and partner with that foreign private company. My humble suggestion is that the country is risking a catastrophic disarray in a near future. No one should compromise their national security. The airport is the only entry point we can at least control. We don’t control what is coming from Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, and Mali. At least let’s control the airport for security purposes.
I am sorry my sister if I have offended you, but I would like to keep the records straight.


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