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Libye : Fin de parcours pour le Guide

24 août 2011, 06:10, par Rachou T

Nato and the UNO have lost credibility as well the international court of justice. As the international court has going after the Libya guide and his children I am hoping they are also insuring one for the NATO members starting with Sarkozy that sent arms illegally to kill civilians in Libya.
There is no democracy in China or North Korea. North Koreans are suffering more than Libyan. Why don’t NATO goes there to protect the civilians and bring democracy ? God will punish you for you greed and arrogance. Don’t impose democracy. Now that you have put your owner leader for Libya, yes Libya will be democratic. Right ! Yes go and sign your contracts and still what you !
The Libyan money you froze will be used to pay the arms you sold to the rebels ! What a Shame ! We are powerless before you but God is watching !

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