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> Bill Gates Foundation Lotery : chronique épistolaire d’une cyber-escroquerie

9 juillet 2007, 13:32, par chikodi

Hello. I’m Nigerian. I was shocked to find such mail in my inbox. I know a few words of the French language so i was able to understand what it referred to. Being knowledeable of such scams on the web, i scrutinized the mail (at least the parts i could understand). What in the world would the head office of Bill Gates Foundation be doing in the city of Paris ? Why would the Domain name of the mailing address of the ’said Foundation be ""
It sparked off a number of bells in me so i decided to look it up. i found your site and was able to translate the mail to know the full import of the scam. This was how i got to your articles. I’m happy a lot of people are wise and not so gullible as this people want us to be. What we should do is to canvass for mass awareness of this scam so that we can frustrate the efforts of swindlers such as these.
Thank you for your thoughts on this vexing issue.
Chikodi, Abuja, Nigeria.

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