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Présidentielle 2020 au Ghana : Nana Akufo-Addo réélu avec 51,59%

10 décembre 2020, 03:39, par Leiw

Dear Readers,
I sometimes believe that we Africans are either profoundly ignorant or permanently brainwashed. The statement made by Kone Arebours regarding the elections in Africa is very disturbing. Of course good elections are sometimes organized in Africa. In every country in the world where election is allowed, there is always minors discrepancies, whether in the West, in Africa or somewhere else. However, elections organized in Burkina Faso and Ghana were not perfect but very acceptable. We need to start giving ourselves credits for the good things we do. It very sad to always think that nothing good come from us Africans, especially when Africans themselves are being sarcastic about all the effort the continent is making. We must start looking at a glass half-full instead of always looking at the glass half-empty. I would not argue about the election where there wasn’t any opposition. If an election has no opposition or excluded the opposite parties, therefore I would agree with the sarcasm elucidate by Kone. In Burkina and Ghana, no one died as results of election dispute therefore we must celebrate the effort and the maturity of our people. We need to appreciate and encourage our leaders to fix any past discrepancies that were observed during the election. We cannot allowed ourselves to discredit our people and leaders’ efforts. It always inappropriate to compare us with the people who are always undermining and discrediting our efforts. The West never can or will congratulate our efforts if we are waiting for their approval. How would you think that someone who obliterated your culture, your being and your environment credit you with anything good ?


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